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This section provides a greater understanding of the config.json file and what each parameter does. This article uses the Lisk Wiki on GitHub as basis.

 "port": 9305, // The port Shift will listen on
 "address": "", // The interface Shift will listen on
 "fileLogLevel": "info",
 "logFileName": "logs/shift.log", // The name of the logfile and where it will be stored
 "logAppend": false,
 "consoleLogLevel": "log", // The console logging level for app.js
 "trustProxy": false, // If true, client IP addresses are understood as the left-most entry in the X-Forwarded-* header
 "topAccounts": false, // Enables the top accounts endpoint for the explorer when set to True
 "db": {
 "host": "localhost", // The location to host the database interface
 "port": 5432, // The location to host the database interface
 "database": "shift_db", // The name of the instance to use
 "user": "shift", // The user to use with the database, defaults to the current user
 "password": "testing", // The default password to use with the database
 "poolSize": 95, // Specifies the amount of database handles
 "poolIdleTimeout": 30000, // This parameter sets how long to hold connection handles open
 "reapIntervalMillis": 1000, // Closes & removes clients which have been idle > 1 second
 "logEvents": [
 "api": {
 "enabled": true, // Controls the API's availability. If disabled no API access is possible
 "access": {
 "public": false, // Controls the whitelist. When true all incoming connections are allowed
 "whiteList": [ // This parameter allows connections to the API by IP. Defaults to only allow local host
 "options": {
 "limits": {
 "max": 0,
 "delayMs": 0,
 "delayAfter": 0,
 "windowMs": 60000
 "timeout": 5000 // How long to wait for peers to respond with data. Defaults to 5 seconds

"broadcasts": {
 "broadcastInterval": 5000, // Specifies how often the node will broadcast transaction bundles
 "broadcastLimit": 20, // How many nodes will be used in a single broadcast
 "parallelLimit": 20, // Specifies how many parallel threads will be used to broadcast transactions
 "releaseLimit": 25, // How many transactions can be included in a single bundle
 "relayLimit": 2 // Specifies how many times a transaction broadcast from the node will be relayed
 "transactions": {
 "maxTxsPerQueue": 1000 1000 // Sets the maximum size of each transaction queue. Default: 1000
 "forging": {
 "force": false, // Forces forging to be on, only used on local development networks
 "secret": [], // Hardcoded list of secrets to use for forging
 "access": {
 "whiteList": [ // This parameter allows connections to the Forging API by IP. Defaults to allow only local connections
 "loading": {
 "verifyOnLoading": false, // Forces the memory tables to be rebuilt from existing data if enabled
 "loadPerIteration": 5000 // How many blocks to load from a peer or the database during verification
 "ssl": {
 "enabled": false, // Enables SSL for the Shift process for Shift UI - Default is false
 "options": {
 "port": 9306, // Port to host the Shift Wallet on
 "address": "", // Interface to listen on for the Shift Wallet
 "key": "./ssl/shift.key", // Required private key to decrypt and verify the SSL Certificate
 "cert": "./ssl/shift.crt" // SSL certificate to use with the Shift Wallet
 "dapp": {
 "masterrequired": true, // Applications password required. If disabled anyone can install an application on the node
 "masterpassword": "", // Random password that is generated on the first execution of Shift
 "autoexec": [] // Applications to automatically start with Shift
 "nethash": "7337a324ef27e1e234d1e9018cacff7d4f299a09c2df9be460543b8f7ef652f1" // Network hash of the Genesis block, used to differentiate networks. This should never be manually edited

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