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Creating a new wallet

Welcome to Shift! In this article I will show you how to create a wallet step-by-step.

Please note that the in brackets and screenshots given information doesn’t represent yours – they only represent the current example. Since the wallet’s passphrase is public, don’t use it or send any Shift’s to it.

When accessing https://wallet.shiftnrg.org/ or https://wallet.shiftnrg.nl/, make sure the connection is secure. This is represented by a lock in most browsers (Wikipedia):

Secure connection in Firefox, Chrome anad Internet Explorer

  1. After opening https://paperwallet.shiftnrg.nl/, create your wallet and its “access card” by clicking on “Create a new wallet”. Note that you can also download this tool to create your wallet offline.

Create a new random wallet with SHIFT Paper Wallet

  1. For maximizing the security of your wallet’s passphrase, move around your mouse randomly in the browser’s window.

Move around mouse randomly

  1. After generating your wallet, your personal public address (9439979003536660637S) and secret passphrase appear (coast trial evil crop gloom typical pause share donkey naïve pluck glow) on screen. Proceed with writing down your passphrase and address, scroll down and click “Print Paper Wallet”. I recommend to print the Paper Wallet on paper and store it securely, but if you insist on keeping it on your computer, move it to a removable drive and make sure to protect it with a password.

Scroll down and print your wallet

  1. To access your wallet, open https://wallet.shiftnrg.org/ or https://wallet.shiftnrg.nl/and type in your secret passphrase. If the login was successful, you should see your address in the top left corner.


Proceeding with the next points requires you to have at least 5 Shift in your wallet. You can currently exchange your Bitcoins to Shifts on Bittrex and Livecoin. Please refer to the instruction of the exchange you are using.

  1. For security reasons I STRONGLY recommend setting up a second passphrase by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner and then on 2nd When activated, you will need your 2nd Passphrase every time you want to use your Shifts.

Activating 2nd passphrase

  1. Write down your generated 2nd passphrase (dash possible teach settle feature essay myth crumble lumber attract work fire), click next and confirm the passphrase by typing it in. Note that creating a 2nd passphrase has a fee of 5 Shift, meaning you need to have at least 5 Shift in your wallet as mentioned above.

Confirming 2nd passphrase

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